Kaliya Franklin

Kaliya is a well-known and respected disability rights campaigner who has achieved many great things, including:

  • Founder of The Broken of Britain a grassroots online campaigning organisation set up to challenge the current threat to disability benefits, services and independent living and to promote wider disability rights.
  • Disability blogger for The Guardian Online
  • Writer for BBC’s Ouch (It’s a disability thing)
  • Blogger at Benefit Scrounging Scum
  • Voted by Total Politics in the top 30 non-aligned political bloggers in 2011
  • Kaliya also makes regular contributions to TV and radio programmes on disability issues. Her charisma, energy and selfless courage have earned her a huge following amongst disabled and non-disabled people.

Kaliya has EDS (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome), a condition which affects collagen in the body. People with EDS have collagen which is weak and too stretchy to do its job properly. EDS causes multiple joint dislocations and chronic pain. 

However Kaliya’s disability hasn’t stopped her from fighting and campaigning not just for her rights, but for those of all disabled people.

Billy, supported by Brandon Trust and pictured right, had the following to say: "It's great to have Kaliya as an ambassador. It takes all sorts of people to make the world go round, because of that, she brings something new and exciting to Brandon Trust. She's 'quality'".


Kaliya Franklin TV Interview  Kaliya Franklin And Billy

Image courtesy of Graeme Lamb Media