Why leave a major gift

Young Person At Summer Camp

How major gifts help us

Your support and generosity enables us to deliver essential services and plan for the future. We rely on donations to help us:

  • Offer a Dream Fund that clients with limited financial resources can apply to fulfil a ‘dream’ such as holidays, day trips and adaptations to their homes.
  • Provide activity breaks for young people to support their transition into adulthood.
  • Run a volunteer buddy programme to support adults with learning disabilities with companionship, help participating in sports, leisure, exercise and hobbies, practical tasks and training, volunteer and training opportunities.
  • Provide technology and internet access to support the independence of people with learning disabilities and reduce isolation, particularly for those with complex disabilities.

As an approved provider with over 25 years’ experience working with people with learning disabilities, we're ideally placed to provide life-changing support directly at the coalface.

Our services are funded through commissions which we use to ensure that all of those we support have the best possible care. It does not cover the cost of innovative projects and enhanced services which truly enable people with learning disabilities to live a fulfilling and active life within their communities.

As such we are seeking to maximise our fundraising potential to enable us to pay for these enhanced services which sit outside the remit of our core budgets or statutory funding.

As a supporter you will:

  • Receive regular updates on our work and the impact of your gift
  • Be invited to attend site visits, exclusive events and receptions
  • Be thanked publicly through key communications

Make a major gift

Email fundraising@brandontrust.org or call 0117 907 7200 to discuss your gift or to find out about Gift Aid or gifts of assets.