Safe Places

What is a Safe Place?

  • A Safe Place is somewhere that can offer people extra support when travelling independently
  • It is a place where you will find support and assistance
  • A place where you can make a phone call (to your support team or emergency service) if you get into difficulty, for example, lose your bus pass or mobile phone, or have a bad experience
  • A place where you can have a few minutes to calm yourself and then continue with your journey
  • A place where you will be:
Be Listened To Be Reassured Make A Phonecall
Listened to Reassured Helped to make a phone call


How to use a Safe Place

Safe Places CardYou do not need a card to use a Safe Place, but if you sign up to use Safe Places via Brandon Trust, you will receive one. You can show the card at the Safe Place which will let the person know useful details about you and who they can contact to help you.


How to find a Safe Place

Safe Places LogoEach participating place displays the Safe Places logo. 

Local Map  You can check the locations of Safe Places in Avon and Somerset on this map.

How to get more information 

Avon And Somerset Police LogoVisit the Avon and Somerset Police website.  

Bristol City Council Logo      Visit the Bristol City Council website

Cornwall Council Logo Visit Devon and Cornwall Safe Places website.   

Further information and resources

Safe Places List 2014Download the list of Safe Places in Bristol, South Gloucestershire and Bath

Safe Places Leaflet (1)Download the Safe Places leaflet

Safe Places Letter (1)  Download the Safe Places letter.

Safe Places is a partnership scheme between:

  • Avon and Somerset Police
  • Safer Bristol
  • Bristol City Council
  • North Somerset Council
  • B&NES Council
  • South Gloucestershire Council
  • Brandon Trust
  • Your Say Advocacy
  • Alzheimer's Society
  • North Somerset People First
  • Foxes Academy
  • Compass Disability