My time at Brandon Trust
Friday 7 November 2014

Brandon Trust Information Services TeamFor the past nine years I've worked for John Lewis in their system support team. In simple terms I help keep the store running with all its technology needs, from password resets to fixing tills.

John Lewis offers their workforce the opportunity to apply to undertake a Golden Jubilee secondment with a charity of their choice, which I applied for back in January. I was successful in my application and joined the team at Brandon Trust in the summer, supporting the IS (Information Services) department.

I am now in week 15 of my 26-week secondment. Working two days a week I have been kept busy during my 15 weeks here and I’m sure to be kept busy until the end; the time has flown by.

My role at Brandon Trust is to assist with the Windows 7 upgrade, this project is a massive undertaking for any company as I found out while completing this at John Lewis only last year.

I have been travelling to different sites within the organisation swapping out old for new computers and installing nice new screens. My aim for the remaining time here is to assist the IS team with as much as I can, to try and make their lives a little easier, and in the process I hope not to make any extra work for them!

I am also helping the IS team with a fact-finding mission of job roles across the Trust, so when staff call in for help with their IT equipment, IS will have all the information available at the time of the phone call or visit.

It’s been a great 15 weeks and I’m looking forward to the remainder of my time here, and continuing to assist in any way I can.

Gary Mudd
Windows 7 Project Consultant