Charityworks graduates arrive
Friday 3 October 2014

Charityworks Graduate Serge ChapmanVery few people set out at the beginning of their careers knowing they want to work for a charity but last month I joined Brandon Trust with four other graduates, wishing to do exactly that. My name is Serge and for the next 11 months I will be working with the Communications team to get greater coverage for Brandon and help the charity lead the way in setting people with learning disabilities free.

My peers and I are working on a graduate programme called Charityworks which is designed to get the best talent possible working in the sector, by placing people with the best charities in the sector. We were chosen from just under 4,000 applicants and, as it is the first time Brandon has been part of the programme, we feel really privileged (and a bit daunted) to be working with such a successful and value-driven charity. For us, success will be leaving the organisation better than when we came in! It’s a simple aim but we all want Brandon to feel they have made a good investment in us and to want to invest further in other graduates just starting their careers.

The programme requires us to attend regular training sessions and complete three pieces of independent research to pass out successfully. Each of us will be looking to develop our research to be of value to Brandon, so if you believe there is something that Brandon should know more about, please get in touch with us. We are Nicholas Evans (South), Gaby Oliva (North), Sarah Newell (Central), Hannah Rich (East) and Serge Chapman (Head Office). My colleagues are all working in Social Enterprise roles but my particular research interest with the Communications team is how the organisation values the people it supports and communicates this person-centred approach.

Though we are all in different regions, together we are working on a social return project to help Brandon measure the value of its work to the people it supports. We hope this will allow them to raise more funds and give people with learning disabilities greater freedom to live and work in their communities. Come speak to us and we'll be happy to share more!

Serge Chapman
Marketing and Brand Assistant