Do you take technology for granted?
Friday 17 October 2014

Using A LaptopIn years to come people may talk about this period of time and refer to it as a technological revolution. I mean, how far has technology come in the last 10 to 20 years?

It’s not long ago that only the occasional person or a blue chip company had access to the world wide web and went surfing. Now most of us have a laptop, a tablet, super-fast wireless connections and a smart phone tucked inside our pockets for everything from doing the weekly shop, keeping on top of our personal banking to even controlling the volume of the stereo in the lounge.

Many people with disabilities are unfortunately missing out on the advances in technology the rest of the world is enjoying. Why is this?

At @Worle, a community facility in North Somerset where a number of people we support work and learn, we are hot on the heels of everyone else. We recently felt we were missing out on all this technology, so we did a spot of localised fundraising and raised enough money to buy some new equipment and bring us more in line with today's society.

Here’s a photo of Adam using some of the new kit; a brand new laptop. For many this is nothing new, but for Adam it’s life-changing!

Mandy Hudson
Project Leader