Live on BBC Radio Bristol
Friday 31 October 2014

Dean At Radio BristolRecently I went to the BBC Studios in Bristol and appeared live on the radio. I was interviewed by John Darvall who presents the morning show. He wanted to know about me, Brandon Trust, and 100 Voices.

Before the interview I was feeling a little nervous, but John was very nice and Lucy, who is the Chief Executive of Brandon Trust, was with me and they made me feel more confident. I really enjoyed talking on the radio. I told John about my holiday in Tenerife, my trip to Glastonbury Festival, and more recently going to London for this year’s 100 Voices conference where I spoke about my experiences and my achievements.

I also told him that my nan and I like listening to another BBC presenter, Steve Yabsley. My nan really likes his jokes. Steve then came in to say hello! He chatted with me for a little while but they had to convince me it really was him because I didn’t believe it. He gave me a signed picture and later I heard him mention me on his show. That made me smile. It was a massively enjoyable day.

Dean Thurgood
Person Supported