Fresh Ground Cafe: Our grand opening
Friday 20 February 2015

Today is our official opening, and I'm so excited!

I’ve been working at Fresh Ground Café for about five weeks since its opening, as a café assistant and I’m enjoying every day of it. I’m on a work trial which if I'm successful, leads to six months paid employment at the café. We opened five weeks ago but it was what they call a quiet opening. Today, is in fact, the official opening!

Stroud Cafe Opening

Since starting here I have already learnt lots of new skills. I’ve even had barista training where I learnt to make several different types of coffee; such as an americano, latte, cappuccino, mocha and the short espresso. I took to working on the barista coffee machine like a duck to water and my favourite coffee to make is a latte. Learning to froth the milk correctly was a challenge but thankfully I’ve now got the hang of it.

When my job broker told me about the café, and the opportunities available there, I was really excited and applied to work at the café straight away. I think what the café offers is brilliant and there should be more enterprises like this around. It's a great thing that Brandon Trust and Gloucestershire County Council have created and it wouldn't have happened if it was not for the kindness of Theresa and Keith Hart, who own the café space.

I arrive at the café at 9am and get straight to work getting the cakes and food ready for the day and making sure the café is clean and tidy, ready to welcome customers. We open the doors at 10am and I always hope for a busy day; time goes so quickly when we are busy. My favourite part of working in the café is being in the kitchen, cooking, and making sandwiches. It gets really exciting in the kitchen when we have lots of orders and we're all working together to complete them on time.

At the end of the day the project leader from Brandon, Joe, goes through my work experience pack with me. We have set goals that I want to achieve whilst working here. We go over what I've done well and not so well and look at how I can ensure that I achieve the outcomes I want and ultimately gain a paid position here.

So, with today being our official grand opening, I'm looking forward to meeting everyone that pops in; I can show off my newly learnt skills and hopefully they’ll all want a latte!

Terri-Ann Clarke
Café Assistant, Fresh Ground Café