Getting involved
Friday 19 June 2015

Hello, we are James Kelley and Beth Richards. We’ve just started as the new Involvement Assistants at Brandon Trust and wanted to introduce ourselves.

We help people with learning disabilities and autism, who get support from Brandon Trust, to speak up. We do this by listening to what people have to say, going to meetings and reading body language.

Also, our job involves helping Brandon Trust to communicate better, including making documents easy read and using pictures and film.

How did you hear about the job?

James: My Mum heard about the job from a friend and said I should go for it.

Beth: Lots of people told me, like my mum and job coach.

Why did you want to apply?

Involvement Assistants Beth and JamesJames: I felt the job was the right for me and would give me the chance to be employed and earn my own money. It also meant that I could get my voice heard but more importantly, help other people with disabilities too.

Beth: I wanted to try this job, to earn my own money again and help other people with learning disabilities.

How was the interview?

James: The interview went very well. It included a ball game where you told everyone in the room something about yourself. I got involved in doing the team exercise and I did a talk about what freedom is. I felt ready and prepared.

Beth: When we came into the room, we played a ball game and introduced ourselves. We did our freedom presentation, mine was on my medical alert bracelet. I felt organised and well prepared for it as I practised it with my mum. Afterwards, we did an unusual group exercise on making a giraffe out of newspapers! I thought this was fun.

How is the job so far?

James: It’s been great! Beth and I went to a hotel called the Hilton to look around to see if it would be suitable for the 100 Voices conference and we’ve watched some clips about Brandon Trust and what the charity does and who we’ll be working with.

Beth: I think it’s been good so far. I’ve been to an open day on a farm to tell people about Brandon Trust and watched a film about the short breaks Brandon provide for children and young people. James and I went to a hotel to see if it’s accessible for a conference we're doing in September.

What are your hopes for the job?

Beth: I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m going to do in the future.

James: I’m looking forward to working with Jill Corbyn (Head of Involvement). We’re both looking forward to having lots of visits to meet the people that Brandon Trust work with.

James Kelley & Beth Richards
Involvement Assistants