Getting involved
Friday 6 March 2015

Hi, I’m Jill Corbyn, the new Head of Involvement at Brandon Trust. I may have met some of you already.

It’s a fantastic job because it really revolves around hearing from the people we support and I get to spend a lot of time out and about meeting people, not just stuck in the office!

My job here at Brandon has three main themes:

  • To review how we involve people we support in organisational decisions
  • To help set up the 100 Voices conference
  • To review Brandon’s accessible information

I'm working to understand what we're already doing to hear from the people we support; what is going well and what we need to get better at. This month I've been spending time visiting the Area Forums and finding out how they work.

This week I attended a forum meeting in Bristol and met some of the fantastic people we support.

Brandon Trust Bristol User Forum

I’m really keen to get your thoughts on:

  • What are we already doing to hear the views of people we support?
  • How can we get better at hearing from people we support at all levels of the organisation?
  • How do we involve people with more complex communication and support needs in decisions about services?
  • How can Brandon make sure that everyone has the opportunity to be involved?

I’m driven by the questions: What would it look like if it was as good as it could be? What’s the best we can imagine? How do we make that possible?

I'm making my way out to team meetings and to visit services – I’m new to the South West so please be generous with your directions! There’s a lot of ground to cover, so to respond to my questions or if there’s something you’d like to share, then please do get in touch.

Jill Corbyn
Head of Involvement

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