Let's talk about sex, baby!
Friday 18 September 2015

100 Voices 2015 Voting SystemAt 100 Voices this year, we talked about love, sex and relationships, decision making, meaningful daytime activities and friendships.

The topics were all chosen by people supported by Brandon from discussions at Driving Up Quality events and in the area forums. 100 Voices is an annual event; it's just one of the ways that Brandon hears from people who receive support.

There were contributions from all of the areas with people travelling from Cornwall, London, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Herefordshire to take part. We had fantastic presentations, great comedy, films and music performances on the topics that we discussed. It was brilliantly chaired, facilitated and presented by people who get support from Brandon Trust.

The conference is important for people we support to get together and have their say. Each of the topics involved discussion and a vote – we really want to know what people think and what we should be working on over the next five years.

It was brilliant to see so many people come together, but we know that lots of people couldn’t attend or didn’t want to come to an event with so many other people. So, we filmed the event and we're making a DVD so people can see the presentations and talk about the topics outside of the event. We'll be sharing the film and asking people to let us know what they think about these topics over the next few months.

We're looking forward to getting lots more feedback. The things we find out will help us decide what should be included in Brandon’s next five-year strategy. We'll be heading out to each of the areas to listen, and to let people know what we have heard before the new plan launches in April. Make sure that you get involved!

Beth Richards and James Kelley
Involvement Assistants