I freed my potential!
Friday 8 January 2016

Brandon Coaching LogoI signed up for coaching when I felt I’d lost my sense of direction and that I wasn’t in control of important aspects of my life.

Coaching sessions gave me a safe space to say what was in my head, out loud! It made a huge difference to the way I viewed different aspects of my life, both work and personal. My coach presented me with questions, allowing me to find my own answers and develop successful coping strategies that worked.

For me, it was about becoming comfortable with the fact that I wasn’t responsible for fixing all the problems. It was about developing the confidence that I am in control of my response in all that I do.

From recognising what my barriers were, I was able to develop coping strategies to manage stressful areas of my life. As soon as I planned my strategy, I immediately felt more in control of my life, and putting them in place has been even better. It's helped me to implement boundaries into my life to manage how others people’s behaviours affect me. Now I choose what affects me and I choose how I respond.

Coaching isn’t just about when things are difficult; it’s about creating a pathway for your journey that is just yours.

Gemma Glover
Locality Manager